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You can visit the following site to buy at the Lenuta online store or offline store. For further information, call Call us now: (+62) 882 2653 6413

Yes we do! For more detailed information about customized orders, contact our sales representatives through
whatsapp (+62) 882 2653 6413 .

The delivery time depends on the items you ordered. For more information, please contact our sales representatives through, whatsapp (+62) 882 2653 6413 .

Yes! PT Nada Surya Tunggal branch office is located in Pringapus Kab.Semarang

Care and Use of Towel and Bed Linens

It’s best to air the towels and bed linens out regularly. In some cases, guests’ may or may not leave stains during their stays. Stains should be removed as soon as possible. The longer the stains sit in the fabric, the harder it is to remove.

We recommend you wash the towels and bed linens before using it. The shrinkage will be reduced after washing the fabric and it will fit perfectly to your bed!

We recommend you to use liquid detergent to avoid stains in your towels or bed linens. Refrain using fabric softener for any towels and bed linens.

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