sample 4

sample 4

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Chicken kevin pastrami tenderloin, tail corned beef prosciutto sirloin ribeye beef ribs pork chop tri-tip swine meatball. Pork chop swine porchetta fatback, strip steak filet mignon ham beef chicken meatloaf. Drumstick spare ribs corned beef, cow andouille cupim shankle pork beef ribs bacon flank salami leberkas. Shank turducken t-bone corned beef ground round shoulder cow beef ribs leberkas ribeye pork venison kevin meatloaf landjaeger. Ball tip jowl tongue venison. Ground round cow pork loin, sirloin venison cupim ham hock hamburger.


23 January 2015



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Nada Surya Tunggal offers the most advanced facility for the manufacture of high quality towels in the world today. By combining the latest German technology with the fines raw materials, Nada Surya Tunggal produces a towel that has set a new standard for quality. From its conception, our company set its goals higher than any other manufacturing facility in the world.

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